Museums and Historic Sites

Andersonville National Historic Site

The Camp Sumter military prison at Andersonville was one of the largest Confederate military prisons during the Civil War. During the 14 months the prison existed, more than 45,000 Union soldiers were confined here. Of these, almost 13,000 died here. Today, Andersonville National Historic Site is a memorial to all American prisoners of war throughout the nation's history.  

Coca-Cola Space Science Center

 The Coca-Cola Space Science Center innovatively combines education and entertainment to promote science exploration and discovery throughout Columbus and the Southeast. Along with a host of interactive gallery exhibits, the center is home to the Challenger Learning Center mission simulator, WestRock Observatory, Omnisphere Planetarium Theater, Space Shuttle Odyssey launch simulator, and also serves as the teaching and research site for all Columbus State astronomy courses.  

Columbus Museum

The Columbus Museum brings American art and history to life for the communities of the Chattahoochee Valley.  Founded in 1953, the Columbus Museum is one of the largest museums in the Southeast and is unique for its dual concentration on American art and regional history, displayed in its permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, and educational programs. 

The Drummer Boy Civil War Museum

  Exhibits at this museum include Civil War uniforms, guns, swords, documents and photographs. Mannequins wearing 15 authentic Civil War uniforms, both Union and Confederate. 

Flint River Farm School Community Park

  The Flint River Farms Resettlement Project was part of a New Deal program that offered the opportunity for black farmers to become independent landowners. Flint River Farms was initiated in 1937 when the federal government purchased several large plantations and subdivided them into 107 farm units, averaging 93 acres per unit.   

Georgia Cotton Museum

This museum is more than a collection of artifacts. It outlines the history of cotton and includes the slave issues and how their participation in the production of cotton contributed to the economy. 

Georgia Rural Telephone Museum

  The Georgia Rural Telephone Museum in Leslie, Georgia, is home to the largest collection of antique telephones and telephone memorabilia in the world. 

Historic Westville

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Historic Columbus Heritage Tours

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Jimmy Carter National Historic Site

A visit to the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site provides an opportunity to explore the historic resources and rural southern culture that had an influence in molding the character and political policies of Jimmy Carter.

National Infantry Museum

With thousands of artifacts, monuments, interactive exhibits and video presentations on display, the National Infantry Museum is one of the nation’s leading military history destinations. 

Ma Rainey House and Blues Museum

  After years of neglect, and after decades of being in a state of unrestored limbo, the Gertrude "Ma" Rainey House in Columbus is all dressed up and ready to rock. Exhibits in the Rainey Museum interpret the life and career of Ma Rainey, and trace the history and influences of the blues tradition of the lower Chattahoochee River Valley, a region for which Columbus is the population and cultural center. 


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Springer Opera House

 This spectacular American treasure was built by Francis Joseph Springer, an immigrant from Alsace who moved to Columbus before the Civil War. The Springer Opera House opened Feb. 21, 1871, and soon became nationally known as the finest theatre between New York and New Orleans.